RIOT GAMES  |   Game on! Riot Games asked us to create the branding and content universe for the 2023 Valorant Masters tournament in Tokyo.
‘Rank Up’ is the campaign’s battlecry. Already a pro? Get to know your opponents’ tactics. In training? Watch and learn. Total newbie? Welcome to the party. View the rest of the project, and animation HERE.
In collaboration with partners at Riot Japan.

Here is the manga in full, for your reading pleasure. Follow Team TRU - Ren, Aki, Tala, Fern, Daehyun, Coach Shinjiro and Assistant Coach Soo Min - as they travel to Tokyo to compete in the Valorant VCT Masters 23 tournament.
Victories! Defeats! Umaibo sticks! Can Ren lead the team to the trophy, or will TRU face defeat on the global stage? Read on to find out.
And remember - this manga is to be read the traditional way: from right to left. Start at the top right of each page and work your way down to the bottom left. Start with the top right page. 
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