RIOT GAMES  |   Game on! Riot Games asked us to create the branding and content universe for the 2023 #Valorant Masters tournament in Tokyo.
‘Rank Up’ is the campaign’s battlecry. Already a pro? Get to know your opponents’ tactics. In training? Watch and learn. Total newbie? Welcome to the party.
In collaboration with partners at Riot Japan, we made a 60-second hype animation. We created six massive full-colour key visuals (rumour has it that one's been used to wrap a train). With the help of our wonderful friends and partners in Japan, we created a 70-page manga comic, following the fictional Team TRU as they compete in Tokyo. And there’s the brand kit guide, broadcast assets, homepage visualiser, graphic gifs, animated taglines, type styles, hand lettering, and much, much more. Credits on VIMEO
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