RIOT GAMES  |   512 players and a $300,000 prize pool? No pressure. 
Teamfight Tactics is coming to Vegas and we’re here to kick off the show. That’s right, it’s the TFT Vegas Open: the first-of-its-kind, esports spectacular where anyone can win. Bringing together unique characters and a whole host of TFT IP, we ask competitors: who will be bold enough to step into the light?
See the film at the event HERE! 
Shotopop created the first-ever TFT Vegas Open show opener film in another collaboration with the good folks at Riot Games. Screened live in the arena and livestreamed globally, we see Choncc tasked with a very important job and Pengu in full ringmaster mode, complete with a fabulous new hat. And with entrances inspired by wrestler walkouts, our competitors enter the arena with both attitude and a killer makeover.
Some behind the scenes to show bits you might have missed in the film, as well as work in progress and process.
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