YUGA LABS  |   It’s a hard life being a HV (definition: small, charming mech, pronounced “heavy” - ed.). It’s always go go go. If you’re not fighting a monster over here, you’re melting a beast over there. And when you’re done taking out that slime ball, some other fool pops up.
So peaceful moments are rare. Those beautiful, sunlit days when a HV can just chill out in their apartment, with a glass of whisky on the rocks and some sweet, sweet tunes.
But relaxing isn’t as easy as it seems, at least not when you’re haunted by flashbacks of a particularly nasty enemy taking out your pals while you run away. Like poor J3FF.
But it’s okay. J3FF is fine. Because J3FF has a plan. And J3FF’s plans usually go very well for J3FF. And very badly for J3FF’s enemies.
Shotopop worked with the team at Yuga Labs to create this teaser film for HV-MTL: Forge, an immersive workshop-based game in which unique, dynamic NFT HVs evolve based on your actions. So take risks. Craft upgrades. And unlock abilities. But most importantly, most vitally of all: be like J3FF.
Head to hv-mtl.com to forge your future.  Credits on VIMEO
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