Kewl X HEETCH  | We created this fun series of four animations for French cab company Heetch, each focusing on a different USP. You want a car outside before you’re out of your pyjamas? You want a cocktail on the beach while you’re driven to L’Arc de Triomphe? Heetch have got you covered. Made in partnership with our pals at Konbini. Cool sounds by Like Fire.    
Heetchu, our hero, and the hardest working driver in Paris! Heetchu is the kinda guy you feel compelled to write a review about, and every reviewer has a unique experience. He’s a people person, and loves to impress on the go. Because he knows he can. He’s got that optimistic energy that is contagious, and you can’t help but like him. He’s always been a bit of an underdog, but he’s now got the confidence and the attitude to boldly offer the everyday citizen a helping hand in the way he knows best: by getting where they need to go as quickly and safely as possible. He also offers that extra personal something that helps cheer you up and makes you feel like you’ve escaped from reality (if only for the brief time that you get to spend with him in his car).
A few of the original clubbers that were in need of a ride. 
Some other versions of the star gazer. 
Every driver need their car. This is Heetchu's car. It’s his pride, and with good reason. 
If you’re going to spend your time on the road, you’re gonna make sure you spend it in a sweet ride, and this is what Heetchu has done. The car’s an extension of his personality. It’s the place where he feels at home, and in control, and he prides himself in making people feel comfortable and at ease. 

Apart from being a great driver, Heetchu sees himself as many things to his passengers. Sometimes he’s a psychiatrist, and his car is the calming session-room. Sometimes he’s a tour guide, and his car is a sight-seeing trip. When Heetchu is a wannabe comedian, the car is his stage. But more than anything, Heetchu and his car are exactly what the passenger needs them to be at that very moment. His car is his black steed, a magnificent sedan with sweet, sweet pink neon wheel strips.
Before Heetchu got the role, this guy (Blaze) came for an audition. 
He botched it though, cos he didn't see the banana peel trap. 
Thanks for watching! 😉
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