GODS  Karan, a highschooler who disbelieves the ‘miracles’ of the Queen Prophet, and Rana, the Queen’s former adviser, find answers to the past in the mysterious place that is Nagar Island.  ​​​​​​​
Fifteen years ago, in the year 2055, the Great Dawning event took place above Nagar Island, shaping the future of the Toran nation and giving power to the Queen Prophet. Now, Vizier Rana, who was instrumental in the Queen’s rise, is disillusioned with her rule. Falling out of favour with the Queen and her power-hungry successor, General Keieranyu, Rana goes into hiding. Karan is a schoolboy growing up in the hustle and bustle of Nagar Island. As he studies for his final exams, he questions the ‘miracles’ attributed to the Queen in his textbooks. As General Keieranyu’s ambitions start to create personal and political conflict, Rana and Karan stumble upon secrets of the past that could determine Tora’s future.

Credits on VIMEO
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