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An exquisite cocktail doesn't just appear in the glass all by itself. It takes meticulous experimenting from a dedicated mixologist, knowing which elements to use, sourcing only the best ingredients, and having the skill and experience to combine everything into a masterpiece. This is Shotopop.
Our team isn't just a perfect Martini. We're also that new thing that no-one has ever heard of. We are everything they we've done, all the new things we're doing, and all the things we've yet to dream up. We employ every tool in our arsenal of image making to create bespoke visual solutions for our clients. Our team has got the skills, and like to mix it up. Bring us your order. We'll shake it up for you.
CONTACT   +44 (0) 208 533 9080  
S1, Cell Studios, 23-27 Arcola Street, E8 2DJ
Represented in the UK, USA and CH by BA-REPS
Motion/Animation representation in the USA by ATRBUTE
Represented in FR by VALÉRIE OUALID

We're always on the lookout for talented people to join the studio.  Designers, animators, illustrators & makers of all kinds. We also offer internships to all the new kids on the block. Please send us a mail to   

We’re looking for an extraordinary graphic designer to work on some of our larger ongoing projects. The ideal person would have an excellent grasp of graphic design, illustration, branding and visual language systems and a drive to do cool, new things. 
Traits we’re looking for: You have to have some industry experience - 3 years minimum. Thorough understanding of design for digital, social and print. You're super critical. We want someone who can push and explore work to get to the next level. Passion! Ya gotta love doing this, and making it the best.