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Illustration/Design Intern required

05 August 2013, 2:03pm in Blog

Shotopop is looking for a kick-ass intern! So spread the word.



SHOTOPOP is a devout team of visual zealots who pride ourselves on conjuring the new, the unimagined and the fantastical. In our offices, furiously snipping silver scissors give birth to a thousand paper feathers, crazy caffeine dreams turn into flashing pixel rainbows and the most ambitious flights of fancy, become our proudest moments.

We’ve got micro brewery beer in the fridge, Cannes Lions in the window, Broadway market down the road and our very own surprise blend of coffee every day. We’ll even let you stroke our skull-in-a-jar.


You’ll be helping out with whatever we’re currently doing in the studio. This could be Typography, Illustration, Graphic Design, Character Development, Sketching ideas, Thinking, Inventing cocktails, etc. Have a look on our site to see the type of things we do.

Payment will be depending on experience and portfolio.

Apply by sending a short bio and a link to your folio to – Please, keep the mails to under 5meg.

Patrick Wolf for United Force Operations

10 May 2013, 12:27pm in Blog

Here’s a few pics of a recent photo-shoot we did for United Force Operations.


2012 Shotocock Poptail-Off: The FINALS

20 December 2012, 12:05pm in Blog

So it finally came down to a Sudden death. Carin and Mike scored the same on their cocktail creations, and we had to organise another round. This time we set out a selection of ingredients, and the two of them had to alternate picking single ingredients. They then had 3 minutes to mix it up, and the rest of us sipped and judged. And the final winner was…. Mike Crozier! Phew. This was fun. Till next time!

2012 Shotocock Poptail-Off: The Colombian Lynch L’Orange

17 December 2012, 1:17pm in Blog

Last Friday was the last of our Cocktail-off Fridays. So Naturally we might have overdone it slightly… Good fun nonetheless. The winner will be announced soon, unless its a draw, in which case we’re going to have to go into sudden death. Guess we can only hope!

Fridays Cocktail was made by Casper, and was coined The Colombian Lynch L’Orange, here goes:

The CLL’O is a pretty simple cocktail, but the best ones always are… ;) You start off by making a trip to your local coffee spot a couple of hours before serving. Get an espresso for each serving of cocktail that you’re planning to make. Pop these in the fridge, as there’s nothing worse then a lukewarm cocktail. Unless its supposed to be lukewarm, I guess. But this is not. So cool it. Our espresso was from the E5 Bakehouse, just around the corner from Shotopop HQ.

Once its all cool, mix one part espresso, one part Curaçao triple sec (Cointreau, in this case) and two parts Bourbon (or Bourbon style whiskey). Add a few drops of Angostura Bitters, stir well, and serve over ice, preferably in large Espresso cups, sprayed with oils from orange zest, and garnished with a slice of orange rind. Dark chocolate or orange Madeleines make delightful accompaniments.


2012 Shotocock Poptail-Off: Brainstorming

11 December 2012, 7:05pm in Blog

Yowza! We got a little bit of Spain going last Friday, when Sofia whipped up her cocktail, “Brainstorming”! Here’s her description, (quite apt!) and a recipe, if you had it in mind to rustle up one for yourself:

The Brainstorming is a sugar bomb!
Not recommended for diabetics, as it contains high levels of sweetness.

To make Brainstorming you will need to pour one part of gin to 3 parts LECHE MERENGADA.
And you may ask what the hell is that!?  Well, you will have to boil milk with lemon peel cinamon and condensed milk.
It’s a very well-known drink in Spain, and we enjoy it with fartons (Google that up if you want to know what it is!)
Finally, add some grenadine or strawberry juice, until it’s pink enough!

You could  add some marshmallows to make it even sweeter! Wowie.

2012 Shotocock Poptail-Off: Last Summer

03 December 2012, 6:34pm in Blog

Last Friday Shan treated us to his masterpiece, the “Last Summer” Really refreshing and summery, as it promises, we had a little taste trip to an oriental summer while it was positively freezing outside.

1. Prepare half a pot of  Green Tea. Add 3 tablespoons of  honey, 2 slice of ginger, 5 drops of Lemon Juice and some Mint
Refrigerate for a couple of hours
2. Pour the mix into a cocktail shaker
3. Add one shot Vodka, two shots Gin
4. Shake well and strain into a glass without ice, then squeeze a piece of lime over the edge of the glass.
5. Add mint leaves and lime-rind twists.

2012 Shotocock Poptail-Off: Dragons Breath

26 November 2012, 11:39am in Blog

Cocktail Friday nr 2 done! And wow, it was a hot one. Mike shook up a milkshake, the likes of which no-one in our little posse had dreamt of.

Dragons Breath

Dragons breath is a drink, not for the fainthearted. To the unknowing observer, this drink may take on the form of an indulgent, chocolatey treat, but be warned, their is dark magic at work in this cocktail. Be ready for a little hell fire in your belly!

To make your own Dragons breath, and breathe a little fire into your evening, take 1 litre of fresh, thick chocolate milk, add in 2.5 heaped tablespoons of cinnamon powder, 1 tablespoon of nutmeg, and 1 of mixed winter spices. Next add around 100ml of dark rum, and the same of Baileys. Now its time for the fiery kick that gives this drink its fearsome name! Roughly chop half a medium sized hot chilli (we used a bird eye chilli, but you can use any you like depending on the heat you want) and also add in around 1 teaspoon of cayenne pepper powder, and your all set! Shake well, to get a good frothy mix, then strain and pour! To finish off this hellish concoction (and to save everyones eyes from melting in their heads) drop in a cooling scoop of chocolate fudge brownie ice cream in each glass, and sprinkle with grated dark chocolate! Now sit back and let the fire flow!

2012 Shotocock Poptail-Off: The Caramapple

19 November 2012, 4:11pm in Blog

Our first Cocktail Friday was a roaring success. Carin treated us to her own invention, the Caramapple. and we all got nice and glowy. Glowy is a nice way of saying reasonably drunk.

The Caramapple with a side of caramel apple vodka shots

The Caramapple is a kick ass concoction of cider, cinnamon and caramel ice cream. With winter descending, the combination of spice and sweet apple cider heated on the hob (or in our case the microwave) and topped with creamy ice-cream, does a great job of warming you up from the inside out and adding a bit of christmas cheer into the pre-christmas season. All that was missing were some Christmas tunes which Casper supplied at the end in the form of some Mariah Carey cheese, and a Turkey sandwich.

To make it for yourself and 4 other people, buy these things: 2.5 bottles of Cider, 2.5 cinnamon sticks, 8 cloves, the peel of 1 orange, a piece of fresh ginger, a vanilla pod and 6 teaspoons of brown sugar and nuke it in the microwave. Add a few glugs of spiced rum (depending on how generous you feel) and share into glasses. I advise taking all the bits of floating stuff out so you don’t accidentally bite down on a clove… ugh! And then add a dollop of caramel ice cream. Then drink the shit out of that! Yum! As for the caramel apple vodka shots, that’s a secret recipe.

The Caramapple presentation

Sofia, enjoying a Caramapple


2012 Shotocock Poptail-Off: Introduction

19 November 2012, 11:21am in Blog

We’ve decided to make the run-up the the festive season a bit more fun, and to spice up our Fridays with a cocktail competition. Firstly: Why haven’t we thought of this before!? Secondly: Yum. Thirdly: Yum Alcohol. Nothing wrong with that.


Contenders will be given £50 on the Monday before their cocktail evening.
This may be spent in any way, as long as it produces cocktails for the whole studio on the following Friday.
The cocktail may be served in any container.
The cocktail may have accompaniments in any form.
No more then £50 may be spent.
Cocktails will be marked on the following criteria by fellow cocktail explorers / amateur mixologists:
- Cocktail Name
- Originality
- Presentation
- Taste

Every cocktail recipe, as well as comments and photos will be posted online, and scores will be revealed at the end.
May the best cocktail win!


VOLVO ART SESSION 2012 Shan Jiang & Megamunden

18 June 2012, 3:44pm in Blog

Check out our own Shan Jiang and the amazing Ollie Munden work their magic at the Volvo Art Session that took place in Zurich Main Station. Too cool.

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