Whats this all about?

 In this animated piece for Maxwell House, we brought to life an insufferable cup of fancy, pretentious coffee that was made precisely to piss you off. Adding a big beard would have been one step too far, but you get the gist…

The story we’re telling.

It’s pretty straight forward. We had to introduce a really pompous coffee character, have him prance around a bit, and then have him swiped off the set by a cup of Maxwell House, stating the basic message, that good coffee should be simple. And here’s how we did it:

Character development.

First step was to explore who exactly this pretentious cup of  Joe thinks he is… Playing around with a combination of ego-freak, villain and hipster, we set out to find his personality.

Sketch to 3D Character

After deciding on an the basics in sketch phase, we took our Java Jerk into 3D to play around with him a bit more. The final character had less props, and we opted for strengthening his vile personality through his facial expressions and voice.

That face though…

Once Mr Latte was approved, we spent some more time to explore what kind of facial expressions we’ll be exploring while he talks. Everyone who has ever loved him was wrong.


The last step before making the animation is getting a rough version of all the moves out, so that everyone is clear as to what we’re doing, where we’re going, and how annoying the character is supposed to be.